Campus Ambassador Program

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GoDutch Campus Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students who are passionate,creative,dedicated and want to do something out of the box. GoDutch’s Campaign Ambassador is a leader who has keen interest in building a strong network within their college and outside the college. You will be the face,voice and ears for GoDutch.

Who can Apply

We are looking for young and enthusiastic leaders who are ready to take up challenges and execute them. The ones who are ready to go out of their comfort zone and make a difference. The ones who aim to become a better person. Only college students can apply for this program.

What will be the experience like ?

  1. Getting a global exposure for organizing events all by yourself.
  2. Gaining experience on Marketing where you will be handling all promotional activities - both online/offline.
  3. Analyzing and Reporting the results of the campaigns organized by you.
  4. Introducing CAP to new potential leaders.
  5. Meeting new people everyday.


Once you become a part of us , we become a part of you. However , the duration of this program will be 2 Months.

What we offer

  1. A Certified Recognition from the Board of GoDutch.
  2. An opportunity to become GoDutch’s Campaign Head.
  3. You get official GoDutch Merchandises.
  4. Exclusive Cashback and Discount Coupons from for all your shopping needs.
  5. Free Couple Movie Tickets.
  6. The Experience - priceless.