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Delhi Peace Marathon 2017 : One of the Largest Marathon organized in India

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About the Campaign

The Delhi Peace Marathon is an initiative by Vivekanand Youth Connect Organization. Our mission is to promote peace by uniting people and walk and run and spread peace all around us. More than 10000 people have joined hands for this marathon because they believe they too can make a change in the world by uniting together. 

This marathon will not only unite us as one nation but also give us an overall experience of Freedom , Change and Happiness. We are proud for the fact that even the Indian Army and Delhi Police will be actively participatiing in the Peace Marathon along with all the other participants. Ambassadors and Diplomats from various countries are also participating in this marathon to support our initiative. You will also witness famous Bollywood celebrities and renowned Political Leaders from various social background supporting this campaign.

So , let's join hands with this Peace Campaign and Run for a Change.

The marathon is divided into 4 Segments : 

  1. Walk for Universal Peace for 2 kms : Free
  2. 21 km Distance : 1200 Rs. 
  3. 10 km Distance : 1000 Rs. 
  4. 5 Km Distance Run : 300 Rs. 

The winners of the marathon for each segment will be awarded with Cash Prizes worth 1 Lac Rupees. 

You can check out all the details for the partiipation on the right side of this page. 

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