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Kayaking for 20km in Mangalore (Adventure Trip) - 18th November 2017

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About the Campaign

Day 1 (Saturday, 18th November)

Reach Mangalore, freshen up, have breakfast. 

We will start kayaking as soon as everyone is ready & reach the campsite by 6pm in the evening.
On the way - we will stop for snack ,lunch & rest. We will play freezbi, learn how to park the kayak, how to get back on the kayak if you fall in water & do more cool stuff.

After reaching the camping site:
- Play nice music
- Enjoy wilderness around us
- Dinner
- Share stories- horror, travel, college, anything you like & then get some shut eye.

Day 2 ( Sunday, 12 November

We will kayak back the same way & reach Mulki by 1pm. 
You can have have lunch, freshen up & plan the journey back to Bangalore.

Cost per person : rs. 2999

This includes:
– Food- 2 breakfasts, 1lunch & 1 dinner
– Stay- tents & sleeping bags
– For kayaking- kayak, paddle & life jackets
- Kayaking Instructor
– shared dry bags
– Medical first aid support & emergency motor boat while kayaking
(we would help you schedule & find buses to Mangalore)

Terms and Conditions

Age Limit: Minimum 10 years of age.

  • Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants, and smoking is not allowed during the entire course of the trip.
  • In the case of traffic delays or breakdowns, expect a few delay in reaching the destination.
  • In treks involving wild forest, expect leeches and other insects. However we can take precautions to avoid them – these will be discussed before the trek starts.
  • Any travel member engaging in immoral or unethical behavior will stand a chance of being deserted by the travel group. The decision making power will solely vest with the organizer.
  • Avoid carrying any valuables.


Things to Carry

Comfortable footwear
Track pant/cargo
Full sleeves tshirt to save yourselves from mosquitoes & sunburn
Any medicines (if taking any)
Sunscreen and hat to protect from sunburn
Water bottle
Power bank(if required, because no power outlets in the camping site) 
Swimming cap ( incase you don't want your hair to get really wet) 
A plastic bag to keep your things dry incase of rains
light snacks if you feel too much hungry, fulfilling meals would be provided. 
... Pack light!
If you want to carry mobile while kayaking, carry a plastic case for that.

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