What is GoDutch

GoDutch is a crowdfunding platform which enables Individuals, Organizations etc to raise and even collect funds through their own network or even through the public and in return the Dutcher ( contributor ) get a reward from the organizer.

Why choose GoDutch?

Because, we help you meet your Target amount by doing online and offline promotions of your campaign for Free and the platform is very user friendly and easy to use of course!

What is the Pricing ?

You need not worry. We are not at all expensive. We charge only 5% + Service Tax of the total amount raised by your campaign.See, told you!

What all fundraising campaigns can I create on GoDutch ?

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we don’t restrict you from anything.Be it a product design, music launch, dance show, NGOs, concert.You name it, you do it.

What are the documentations required to start a campaign on GoDutch ?

The documentation differ from organizer to organizer. For details refer below :

  1. NGO : If you are an NGO, we would require a 80G Certificate and 12A Certificate of your registered NGO.
  2. Startup/Company : We would require a Certificate of Incorporation / Proprietorship Certificate. In case you are a startup and your business is not registered you will need to submit a declaration letter on a 20rs Stamp Paper attested by a Gazetted Officer.
  3. Private Campaign Organizer : In case your campaign is private ( within your social circle) there are no documentations required.

Will GoDutch help us raise funds ?

Yes my friend , we will not leave you alone in the race . You will be assigned one PR Manager for your campaign . We will be running online and offline marketing campaigns to promote your campaign , and NO we don’t charge anything for this .

Do I need to give rewards to the contributors ( Dutchers) ?

Yes , my friend . You need to give your Dutchers some reward against the money that they help you with . The reward could be an item , a service or even an experience . You got to make your Dutchers happy and don’t worry your Campaign Manager will be helping you out to design your reward list in the best way possible .

Do I need to make a Campaign Video ?

It is not compulsory but we suggest you to make one because a Video explains the whole campaign in a much better way resulting in more Dutchers for your campaign . We will definitely help you out with the Script and Editing . We got you covered !

How fast will I get the funds transferred after the campaign gets over ?

Faster than you think mate ! Your campaign funds will be transferred to your account within 48 hours after your campaign expires.

Do we get any extra benefits apart from raising funds ?

Definitely , you got that right . Once you become a part of our family , we will always invite you to our Parties , Get Togethers , and even give you access to our network so that you Grow with us .

Why should I contribute for GoDutch Campaigns ?

Good question my friend . We spend our pocket money on useless things , but your small contribution here can make someone’s dream come true and not only that you also get a reward from the Organizer . Dutch wisely .

I want to help a Campaign more than just money . Can I ?

Definitely ! You can be a part of our Campaign Ambassador Team where we only believe in doing cool stuffs and helping the Campaign Organizers to reach their target faster . Write us to info@godutch.in and we will contact you soon .

What other perks will I get other than the reward that the Organizer promises ?

Thanks for asking! Your journey as a GoDutch user does not end just with the Campaign rewards, you join our Dutcher Club the moment you Dutch a Campaign and you get exclusive access to our events, get togethers, competitions etc .

Can I contribute any amount which is not mentioned in the list ?

Yes definitely! You can Dutch any amount you wish for, be it 1 Rupee or even 1 Lac Rupees.We are open to all kinds of Contributions.

How else can I contribute apart from funds ?

Funds are just one way to Impact someone.You can even share the campaign and ask your friends to Dutch for the Campaign.You can even write a blog for us or maybe invite us to meet your friends over coffee and we will take care of the rest.Sounds good?

Do I need to pay tax or any service charge for every contribution I make ?

Not at all, why will you ? We are not like other Platforms.Just contribute what you see on the screen.

How do I refer a Friend ?

  1. Simply copy the refer code displayed on your dashboard and share it to your friend using Facebook, Whatsapp, Text, Email etc.
  2. Ask your friend to enter the Reference Code while signing up for his new account on GoDutch.
  3. Once your referee ( the person whom you referred) signs up using your Refer Code, you will get 20 Go Coins and your friend also gets 20 Go Coins.
  4. Once your referee dutches/contributes to any Campaign on GoDutch then you get 100 Go Coins and your friend also gets 100 Go Coins.

How much can I earn from this Referral Program ?

You can earn upto Rs.12000 per month.That’s enough money to fund your extra pocket money.Don’t you think ?

What is Go Coins ?

Go Coins is electronic cash generated by the Referral System of GoDutch.Start collecting Go Coins by referring friends.You can redeem these Go Coins against Flipkart/Amazon/Zara/Forever21 Vouchers and many more.1 Go Coins = 1 Re.

How much is 1 Go Point worth ?

1 Go Coins = 1 Re. All you need to do is refer as many as possible and make your Go Coins Balance overpower your pocket money.

What all can I use the Go Coins for ?

You can use the Go Coins to redeem against Food Vouchers, Entertainment Vouchers, Movie Tickets, E-Commerce Vouchers, Luxury Vouchers. Here all the vouchers will be based on the same value of Go Coins earned.For example, if you have 5000 Go Coins you will get a voucher which is equally amounted to Rs.5000.Sounds cool ?

Is there any Criteria to Claim Go Points ?

Yes, Definitely.You need to have at least 500 Go Coins to claim your reward.That’s easy.What are you waiting for ? Go Now, GO DUTCH !