Our concept is unique and so is our pricing.We generally charge 10% of the campaign amount but we have waived off the fees. So it's totally free.

Features  Collect Money Fundraise
Purpose When you are using GoDutch to collect money within your social circle When you are using GoDutch to raise funds for your Dream from the public
Dedicated Campaign Manager
Payment Gateway Access
Tracker for your Campaign
Email Notifications to Dutchers
SMS Notifications to Dutchers
Send alerts to your dutchers
Personalized Consultation
SEO optimization
Social Media Marketing and PR
Personalized Newsletters
Logistical Support Upon Request
We charge 5% 10%


1) We charge 18% GST on the Convinience Fees from the Organizer of the Campaign

2) The Convinience fees will be charged on the total amount raised and not on the target goal.

3) Only the organizer has to pay the convinience fees ( Currently waived off )

4) If you have any queries , please write us a mail on